Tuesday Evening – Burgers, scarey aliens and an old git!

Our tired and yet still intrepid Explorers arrived home from Chessington a little later than planned and immediately started to prepare a teenagers favourite dinner – burgers and chips (with some rather healthy looking salad stuff on the side!). Three massive quarter pounders later (plus all the chips that you can eat) and the Unit settled down to watch the late film – The Forth Kind. A rather scary sci/fi come horror film about alien abduction! The exact film that you want to be watching at 11pm in a very dark campsite especially when you have an Osama in your group! Mike (Osama) slipped out half way through the film, just before a really scary part, and then banged loudly on the main window….Jenny’s scream could have been heard in London!

With the Unit safely tucked up in bed, midnight approached….at 1 minute past the hour, Eloise was summoned to the leaders enclave where she was sung “happy birthday”. Her 18th had arrived and she was officially christened “an old git”.

A great day and another good evening…roll on Wednesday’s programme.

Chessington World of Adventure - Summer Camp 2010  Chessington World of Adventure - Summer Camp 2010

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