Wednesday Evening – Dance Off, Profiteroles and an 18th Birthday

As I’m sure you know Wednesday was Eloise’s 18th and to celebrate it, the Unit had several surprises for her. We decided to put some pink banners around the hall (as we all know that pink is Eloise’s favourite colour…not!). We also went out for a meal at the local Beefeater. Rhys, Tom and I thoughtfully finished off any leftovers by fighting over scraps. When the deserts came we managed to finish a bowl of profiteroles between us in roughly 2.3 seconds. Back at our hut, the Playstation was fired up together with the dance mat and many of the Unit got involved in the “Dance Off” competition – clear leaders seemed to be Becky, JP and David but the clear leader was Birthday El. This was quickly followed by a serious Guitar Hero jamming session with Lauren, Big Eth and the new 6 string maestro, Ben Harrrrrrrrr.

During the day we had activities such as crate stacking, rifle shooting and archery. Amy, one of the youngest members on camp (age 7) managed to get to the top of the crates, which is a lot higher than I would ever go. And I believe that Phil has found his hidden talent with rifle shooting, managing to beat Rhys who was convinced that he was going to win. 

Thoughts of the day, by Big Eth.

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

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