Bomb Squad Blog (Wednesday AM)

Hi Folks smee again!

This afternoon we tried the new phenomenon they call Geocaching.  NOTE – this is not giro cashing or some cyber bank robbery.  It is the art of typing global longitudinal and lateral co-ordinates into a hand held GPS device and following its direction until you find an object, sign, symbol, middle of the local RAF Runway or a big fat NOTHING. Simple, Right? NOT!

Remember Orienteering? ….. at least you can blame the compass, magnetic deviation or your own incompetence!!!!!! So after finding the co-ordinates, going up a page, down a page, into the global confusion geeks only menu and finally getting them into the bl**dy  GPS,  off went the Explorers.

 Erm er do you really want me to walk through that hedge? Wow, someone built a toilet block on my bearing!  Various cries of “There’s nothing there.” “It keeps changing direction!” “  While we were walking to one bearing we saw another team (and nicked their answers).”  “This yellow mobile looks weird?” “Can I just use google maps?” 

Call me a purest, but my compass is staying in my kit bag! However if I do happen to be stuck in a whiteout on Ben Nevis I may have time to pitch a tent and read the 1142 page instruction manual.

Current casualties:

One Minibus fan belt – Fixed

One Car tyre – Replaced

One torn nail – Trimmed

One dodgy tummy – Early night

6 sleep deprived leaders – Caffine Fix

2 x ducky woggles lost – Anon

One hand rail snapped – Lucas

Osama Smelly Bum Gas Evacuation drill – 2 off so far – two dead canaries!

Annd sleeeep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

This blog was brought to you by – Rhys (AKA Bomb Sqd – deep maintenance facility).

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