Wednesday evening – Wood Badge and recruits

The Unit managed to secure the private function wing of the nearby Beefeater restaurant and come 6pm we were all safely ensconced in our seats eating a good selection of good British grub. The staff had hung balloons over Eloise’s seat and before the food arrived, she had a massive pile of cards to open including one large parcel from her family that we had managed to smuggle onto the minibus last Saturday. Each card seemed to include a large “18 Today” badge and Eloise, being a good girl, pinned them all to her clothing.

Following the food our newest recruit (Abigale) was invested into our ranks in the middle of the restaurant. JP and Lauren unfolded our Unit flag; the complete Unit was asked to stand and make the Scout sign; Abi then had to stand in front of the flag, also make the Scout Sign and place her left hand on the flag. She then had to say the Scout promise in front of the world….and now is a member of FreeSpirit.

Immediately following the investiture, I was privileged to present Rosie with her Woodbadge. This is a symbol of “completed leader training”. 20 modules including, camp craft, first aid, programme planning, Scouting history to name but a few. A few tears were shed…and then we headed home to finish Eloises’s 18th party.

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

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  1. liams mum says:

    congratulations rosie :D……. sounds like your all having a fab time xx