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27th July 2010 by Bomb Squad

Tuesday 27 July. What a day….. After breakfast continental style, we headed off to Chessington Theme Park for a day of adrenalin fueled fun and frolics. As the “Funk “ and “Monk” buses rolled sedately into the car park to the screams of Go Bananas at was clear to fellow scouts, theme park workers and innocent that this would be day not to be forgotten in a hurry!

The leadership team have been inverted, laterally twisted, suspended, dropped, elevated, immersed, hung by straps and generally scared witless (nothing new then! 😉 ). The Cobra proved to be a highpoint to the tuneful screams of “Dambusters” and “Hawaii Five-0”. The best however came late in the day when 10 Explorers and a trio of Buff, Osama, and Bomb Squad hit “Rameses Revenge”. Seriously dudes, this ride kicks some behind before baptizing you with Surrey Water Boards finest produce… We hollered, we screamed, we went bananas for the crowds, we left most of the area singing “Go Bananas” and “Fluffy Sheep”. Osama thanks all for their goodwill wishes and we are hoping to reverse the further advanced effects of aging and colour loss shortly.  The busses were noticeably quieter on the way home with 21 dribbling, snoring and mumbling Explorers.

Chessington World of Adventure - Summer Camp 2010  Chessington World of Adventure - Summer Camp 2010  Chessington World of Adventure - Summer Camp 2010  Chessington World of Adventure - Summer Camp 2010

 Check out the photos and videos – we make Big Brother look pedestrian!

Rhys (aka Bomb Squad).

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Tuesday- Chessington

27th July 2010 by FreeSpirit ESU

Tuesday we visited Chessington world of adventures we left the leaders at the entrance, and rushed to all the rides, and crammed most of the rides into our amazing day. Our top 5 rides of the day were   1) dragons fury 2) Ramaseas Revenge 3) vampire 4) Cobra 5) log flume. After doing most of the rides we found the leaders, who recommended the “all you can eat” restaurant and Cerys told us that for being “scouts” we could get a 10% discount!  On arrival to the restaurant I asked the waitress about the discount she wasn’t sure so she went to ask her team leader and it wasn’t correct! I felt such a fool and tried covering up the reason why I asked. We ate until we were stuffed and we forgot about the salad and stuffed our faces with pizza and a little pasta.  After lunch we found Laura, Phil and John who hadn’t been on any of the big rides because of their phobias. So I dragged Laura to Vampire the only ride in the park in which the tracks were above and not underneath, she was terrified so I had to lie about how fast it went and that there wasn’t any twists or turns. The only thing that was true was that it didn’t go upside down, otherwise she would have had to take her glasses off and wouldn’t be able to see.  We had  finished the first part of the ride and told Laura that it was the end and going up into the unloading part… it was another porky.  I told her at the very top that there was a drop below! She blew my eardrums with her screaming! When the ride finished and we got off,  she had the biggest grin on her face so we took her onto another ride!

Steve H

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Monday – Stilts, juggling balls and a Won Ton Ton

26th July 2010 by Buff

The weather remained kind to us as we moved into a more relaxed day following the high octane activities yesterday. The day started with the girls plus Dave, Frodo and Steve cooking us a standard FreeSpirit big boy full lard breakfast….in their PJ’s and Frodo was introduced to the concept of placing more than 1 piece of bacon into a frying pan at the same time!

Stewart, a good friend of Rosie n Jim, then kindly agreed to spend the day running a series of circus skill workshops. Stilt walking, plate twirling, juggling balls and sticks and a unicycle were all tried to varying degrees of success! Alongside the circus skills, Rhys ran a pioneering base that resulted in the Unit building a series of tripods that tested their knotting and lashing skills…over the day, this structure migrated towards each other and eventually combined to form a platform.  Many of the Unit members then decided to sleep out on the platform – thereby gaining their Dragon Award for camping five feet above the ground!

As the afternoon drew to a close, Rosie n Rich ran a Chinese food base in line with our   daily camp theme. The entire Unit learned how to make spring rolls and Wonton . (Any programme that involves food generally goes down well with Explorers!)

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

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Saturday Night / Sunday – Jenny’s thoughts…

25th July 2010 by FreeSpirit ESU

After the leaders had approximately 4 hours sleep because of various incidents and interruptions in the night – a lot of disturbances from the girls room, WHO IS GEORGE?!! And being woken at 5.30 from a screaming baby and projectile vomiting from Ben, it was all hands on to get breakfast cooked and all washed before the adventurous day with lots of activities began.

Walking down to the activities felt like a five mile trek for some of the girls, (Laura and Steve keep up with the rest!). We all wore  waist harnesses, which are  a bit uncomfortable for the boys, and when you wear the full chest harness, is just as uncomfortable for the girls as well –  having boobs does have disadvantages! When we had reached our activities Jennie was first up for the ariel trek…and completed it, without falling off! This was an achievement for Jennie. Nearly everyone attempted to go up the wall and around the course and everyone put in a fab effort. The 3G swing was next and, in Eloise’s words, was “amazing”. Two people strapped into what looked like rucksacks and pulled up into the air by all of the team and then dropped “like a big catapult”.  Laura was tricked to go to the top and her face looked rather pale. Cerys’ knuckles where gripping the rope so tight her knuckles turned white and Mike’s girly scream made everyone giggle but didn’t stop Jennie screaming so loud you could hear it a mile away.

After a lovely lunch of sandwiches, crisps and coke the afternoon activities commenced. The Jacob’s ladder and rock climbing wall. We had the first accident from Jennie-falling over when climbing the ladder. She went back to our hut thinking she was in for a rest but Mummy Mike made her prepare and cook lunch . Laura managed to attempt the climbing wall. After the activities we came back for a cooked dinner and angel delight. Then the games arrived. We had great fun playing giant connect 4, Lego, and darts. Then we all gathered inside for a highly amusing night watching a film of Mike being hypnotized. His Irish dancing is the best!

All the explorers had half hour outside before bed and lights out. Eloise and Jennie had to make a quick run having only 1 minute to spare to curfew!

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

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High Ropes…and a catapult to the moon!

25th July 2010 by Buff

Sunday came around a little too quickly! Ellie, our youngest explorer (age 2…Cery’s daughter), decided to get us all up around 5.30. Given that Jenny didn’t allow us to go to sleep until around 2.30am…meant that motivating our breakfast cook team was not an easy task!. That said, a full cooked lard special was duly delivered, eaten and washed up by 9am.

Activities started around 9.30 and saw the Unit split into groups. Group 1 scaled a massive climbing wall reaching the “walkway of doom” – a wobbly bridge, the leap of death, the slippery pole, the cargo net and the monkey’s tails. Anyone achieving part or all of this challenge can consider themselves having nerves of steel. Group 2 had a session on the 3G Swing…a two-seater catapult that fired the occupants towards the moon…twice! An excellent morning.

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010Youlbury Summer Camp 2010  Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

The afternoon saw us again in two groups – climbing and Jacobs Ladder. A challenge from Phoenix Explorers (north London) to a game of rugby was laid down and will happen later in the week.

Osama and team (Jenny and Big Eth) put together a full Sunday roast dinner for us all- roast beef, yorkshire pud, roast spuds and assorted veg and then an evening of Giant Jenga, Giant Connect 4 or a session on the guitars then ensued.

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Saturday Night – OMG…..”SMOOTH” EXPLORERS

24th July 2010 by Osama

1st night on summer camp, tents are all up n tidy (yer rite). When asked “what the guys wanted to do tonight” the leadership team were sent in to a fit of giggles when the lads said “leg waxing”…sly smiles from the ladies were observed….they knew what was coming. A hairy chest n leg inspection was held and suitable volunteers (victims) were found, waxing strips were warmed up by our females with evil intent in their eyes. Bomb Squad n Tom were found to be as hairy as a silver back gorrilla and were duly waxed across the chest. The screams could be heard in scotland! Next victim was Osama who opted for the leg option..(never again), followed by Big Eth and the Dangerous Davies brothers. Its funny how grown men n 17yr IRON MEN have been reduced to tears by a little bit of sticky paper. They say a picture says a thousand words…what they dont tell you is the decible level of thouse words……

Youlbury - Waxing the Lads  Youlbury - Waxing the Lads  Youlbury - Waxing the Lads

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Saturday – We’re Here!

24th July 2010 by Buff

Yo everyone…the intrepid FreeSpirit Explorers crossed the bridge and ventured into “that English place”. We roared down the M4 at a blistering 60mph, dodged the speed cameras on the A420 between Swindon and Oxford and arrived at Youlbury National Scout Site around 3.30. We suitably attired our bunkhouse with 10 Welsh flags, our unit flag, two daffodils and 100m of Welsh flag bunting…the locals now know that we have arrived!

Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010 Youlbury Summer Camp 2010

A fantastic curry is now settling in our tummies and we are into a chill out evening…the sound system is rigged and the card school is underway.

…a full day of activities await us tomorrow – the 3 G Swing, the Sky Trek, but to name a few.

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Summer is here…almost!

19th July 2010 by Buff

Our annual summer camp is almost upon us. The intrepid Explorer Scouts and leaders will be loading up the mini-buses this coming saturday before heading off to Youlbury.

Follow our daily exploits, laugh at the mad photos and add your own comments to this blog.

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Coming Soon…

12th July 2010 by FreeSpirit ESU
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